Friday, May 19, 2006

"What would Jesus do?"
Have fun googling that, tossers. Ha!

Seems I still have a lot of people coming here, my extreme lack of updating might seem offensive, but there's nothing I can do.

See, I cant really let go of this place, there's too much here I want to hang on to. Just for a little while longer. But I cant really use this place like I used to.
I dont want this to be myspace or whatever. Keeping in touch is outside of all this.

I guess, what it boils down to, is how you blog. Nothing is right or wrong anymore, hell, even our politicians are blogging. But you have to be comfortable with who's reading and what youre using your space for. Right now, this here feels wasted.

Ive encountered many awesome people while writing here, and Im kinda scared I will loose them if I shut this down.

Me, me, me.. Thats another thing about this place. Yish.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"flower fishing"

Oh, hush. There is no need for false promises about updates. Or, for that matter, polite bitching about it.
Me? Im good. Im exhausted. Im taking new turns, writingwise.
At this moment, I am:
semi-watching tv cause I semi-enjoy the guilt
perfectly hungry, thank you
listening to death cab for cutie
willing to abandon private grammar usage for good

School is awesome. I mean, just wow. The other day I spent 10 hours just studying, and still, I feel totally lost. I guess that kinda beats you down, but Im so starved for proper challenges, all my masochistic tendencies sorta thrive upon this.
I knew it would be different. I knew it would be hard.
But goddamnit, noone told me there was math and latin involved (and if they did, Im sorry, I forgot). Tonight, my world is bi-labial noices, possibly coming from farynx, glottis or cavum nasi. And however they may look on paper.

I dont want to give this place guidelines or musts. I dont want to say Ill be here and then not be here. Obviously, the quantity of irl:ers does censor my morphem-constellations, but you know what? I tried to keep another blog, and write it all down there, and its just not as "safe". Funny word to use here.
Coffee is me a-calling.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

"The oldest trade in the world"
You'll have to excuse me, I cant be sunshine and puppies all over you.
See, the company isnt new to me, nor are the things Im doing here.
Its the bending over and taking it in the ass charging per hour.
Im not happy here, not even close, miserable. Ouch. But, as these stories usually end, the pay's too good to give up. I was rather excited at first; doing something Im good at, learning new things, hanging out friendlier people, more pay.
Too good to be true? No shit, Sherlock.
After doing exactly what Im told to, I am now being flamed and declared incompetent on a daily basis. By basis I mean three times a day or so. Of course, this is not true. I am very competent. This is something personal. Like some sort of vendetta, high school style, combined with oldfashioned Blame The Newbie (again, which Im technically not).

My body was not dealing well with the cold, my skin sorta freaked out on me. I got rashes from the cold, rashes from the change of temperature when I got inside, echsema acted up (that, however, might be my bad), so legs and back are pretty much itching. All the time. Doesnt show as much as it should, but does make you irritable to say the least. Constant discomfort, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Im starting Uni at 19th. Im very anxious to find anything wrong with the application, or anything else that can keep my outside that school.
Also, silly as it may be, I wanna dress/look the part. I want to go there the first day and look all artsy-studenty-cute. This, of course, has nothing to do with my performance as a student. No, its the usual january-no money-blues. Ill be fine.
Ill be a fine, skanky prostitute.

name: edith
alias: ed, ebi, "oi! you there!"
bd: 811215
location: stockholm
can't live with: bureaucracy
can't live without: money, but I do
likes: the idea of spring
dislikes: cold
listens to: radiohead
plays: hide and seek with my computer
reads: Bengt Assarson - Tokspel
watches: King Kong
goal: 2006 = year of Friendship

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